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H-code Platinum Gray exterior paint color
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All The Facts About The '56 Ford Booklet   Pages 36-45
All The Facts About The '56 Ford Booklet
Lifeguard & Other Accessories, SelectAire Conditioner, MagicAire Heater, Radios, Side-View Mirror, Electric Clock, Front Grille Guard, Wheel Covers, Rear Fender Shields, Power Steering, Power Brakes, Power Windows, Power Front Seat
< Pages 1-13  Index, T-Bird Styling, Lifeguard Design, Models (All)
< Pages 14-23  Exteriors, "Crown of Chrome," "Sky View" Roof, T-Bird Soft - Hard & "Porthole" Tops
< Pages 24-35  IInteriors, Instrument Panel, Gages, Upholstery
> Pages 46-61  Conventional Drive - Overdrive - Fordomatic Transmissions, 223 (I-6) & 272 - 292 - 312 (Y-8) Cu. In. Engines
> Pages 62-67  Thermostat, Carburetors, 12-Volt Electrical System, "Power Punch" Battery
> Pages 68-79  Crestmark All-Steel Body Construction, Transparent Blue-Green "Sky View" Roof, Convertible Top Mechanisms, Tail Gate & Lift Gate Mechanisms, Insulation, Fresh Air System, Glass Areas, Seats
> Pages 80-91  Chassis, Frames, Suspensions, Steering, Brakes, Pedals, Body Dimensions, 223 (I-6) & 272 - 292 - 312 (Y-8) Cu. In. Engine Specs (Detailed), Clutch, Conventional Drive - Overdrive - Fordomatic Transmissions (Detailed), Wheels & Tires, Rear Axles & Gear Ratios, Body Electrical Data
> Pages 92-99  Equipment (Detailed), Color & Upholstery Selections (Detailed)
Ford Division of Ford Motor Company, Printed in U.S.A. Form No. FD 7574
All The Facts Page 36   Lifeguard Seat Belts
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All The Facts Page 37   Lifeguard Instrument Panel Padding   Lifeguard Sun Visors
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All The Facts Page 38   SelectAire Conditioner
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All The Facts Page 39   SelectAire Conditioner
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All The Facts Page 40   MagicAire Heating-Ventilating-Defrosting System
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All The Facts Page 41   Ford's New Signal-Seek Radio   Ford's New Auto-Wipe Windshield Washer
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All The Facts Page 42   Side-View Mirror   New Precision-Built Electric Clock   Deluxe Front Grille Guard   Ford Crest Wheel Covers
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All The Facts Page 43   Deluxe Rear-Mounted Antenna   Rear Seat Radio Speaker   Deluxe Wire Wheel Covers  Rear Fender Shields
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Fairlane bodyside sweep wide bright-metal molding w/ black painted insets . . .