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1956 Ford Passenger Units Price List
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  E-code Colonial White exterior paint
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1956 Ford Fairlane Vicroria
1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria   Base price new  $2,701.  Std Thunderbird V-8 292-cid 202-hp M-code eng, & opt Fordomatic Dr +$192, 3.22 (opt 3.56) rear axle, 7.10 x 15" tires, Style-Tone Two-Tone DE-code  Diamond Blue  & Colonial White  paint +$45, Body Mount Mirrors (+$?), Sports Spare Wheel Carrier +$135, Rear Fender Shields (+$?), White Sidewall Tires +$50, & modern aftermarket 1962-64 Thunderbird-style Wire Wheels (+$?).  Photos RK Motors.
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1956 Ford Car & Accessory Original Prices   Click links, or scroll . . .
1)  1956 FORD PASSENGER UNITS  Edmonds Motors Inc.
2)  NEW 1956 FORD PRICE LIST  Hill & Sanders Inc.
3)  OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES (Factory Installed)  Hill & Sanders Inc.
5)  1956 FORD PRICES  Frank Taylor Ford
1956 Ford Passenger Units Price List
William C. Vest, New & Used Cars - Trucks Business Card
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1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria front seat
1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria   Body Style V.  Body Type 64C.  Production (I-6) 727 + (V-8) 177,008 = 177,735.
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New 1956 Ford Price List
New 1956 Ford Price List
Optional Equipment and Accessories (Factory Installed) Price List
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1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria instrument panel
1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria   Lifeguard Design "Safety Package A"—padded instrument panel & sun visors +$18.
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1956 Passenger Units Price List Accessories Price List (Frank Small Jr. - Wikipedia   Member Maryland House of Delegates, 1927 to 1928; Member (Republican) U.S. House of Representatives from Maryland's 5th District Jan 3, 1953 to Jan 3, 1955; Maryland Commissioner of Motor Vehicles, Apr 29, 1955 to Apr 15, 1957; and in the automobile business 1923 to 1957.)
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1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria back seat
1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria   "Open air" hardtop—windows roll down out of sight.
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1956 Ford Price List 1956 Ford Price List
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1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria upholstery
1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria   AN-code White Vinyl (bolsters: skiver-grain, wide quilted vertical pleats) & Dark Peacock Blue (seats: nylon, white rayon-thread tree motif).  Photos RK Motors.
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1956 Ford Car Accessory Original Prices
NOTE  1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner car prices include the standard Transparent Top price of  $70.
  Thunderbird Special V-8  312-cid 225-hp P-code eng (w/ Fordomatic Dr only)  $ ____  mid production-year
  Special Police Y-8  292-cid 200-hp (202-hp w/ Fordomatic Dr) M-code eng  (Police & Emerg only)  $ ____
  "312 Cubic Inch High Power Engine Kit"  260-hp  (w/ Conv Dr or OD only)  $315—surplus $100  late production-year
      (dual carbs & manifold, lrg round Purolator dry-type air cleaner, & high-performance cyl heads—NASCAR approved)
  Dual Exhaust System (8-cyl Mainline & Customline only)  $ ____
  Exhaust Deflectors (pair for dual exhaust system, flared-out or turned-down styles, chrome plated)  $6
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Overdrive  $110
  Speed-Trigger Fordomatic Drive  $192
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Conventional Two-Tone Paint  $25
  Style-Tone Two-Tone Paint (Fairlane & 8-Pass Country Sedan only)  $45
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Master-Guide Power Steering  $77
  Swift Sure Power Brakes & "Swift Sure" Script Brake Pedal  $45
  Power Front Seat (4-way)  $65
  Power-Lift Windows  $103
CONELRAD dial mark
CONELRAD - Wikipedia  (Control of Electronic Radiation) triangle-in-circle radio dial "Civil Defense Spot" marks for emergency broadcast stations, at 640 & 1240 kHz AM—required on all American radios 1954-1963, during the Cold War.
  Console Range Radio (6-tube) & Front Fender Antenna (right)  $95
  Signal-Seek Radio (9-tube) & Front Fender Antenna (right)  $115
      (added "T" (Town) & "C" (Country) auto station search pushbuttons)
  Rear Seat Radio Speaker (package tray) & Instrument Panel 3-Way Switch  $16
  De Luxe Rear Mount Antenna (left rear quarter panel, chrome plated, telescoping, manual)   $13.95
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  MagicAire Heater & Defroster  $88
  SelectAir Conditioner  $435
      (intigrated front cowl-mounted system w/ adjustable air outlets on instrument panel; requires a V-8, Fordomatic Dr, & 7.10 x 15" tires)
(Std Lifeguard Deep-Center Steering Wheel & Double-Grip Door Latches included, all)
  Lifeguard  Safety Package A  (Padded Instrument Panel & Padded Sun Visors)  $18
  Lifeguard  Safety Package B  (Padded Instrument Panel, Padded Sun Visors, & 2 front Seat Belts)  $27
  Lifeguard Seat Belt  (single kit, front or rear, color-keyed, nylon-rayon, quick one-handed release or adjust alum buckle)  $5
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Electric Clock (electrically-wound, tick tock second hand, adjust-speed control, illuminated)  $16  [est]
  Automatic Lighter (cigarette, auto pop-out)  $5
  Tissue Dispenser (under instrument panel, swings out, chrome plated facing, standard imperial size box)  $3.50
  Turn Signal Indicator (control panel light, flashes w/ turn signal light operation, auto cancel)  $16  [est]
  Auto-Wipe Windshield Washer (left foot pedal sprays & turns on wipers, twin jets)  $16
  Styletex Trim (interior upholstrey, vinyl bolsters & woven plastic seats)  $30.53
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Tinted Glass  $37.50
  Outside Visor (over windshield, painted roof color, stainless steel front edge trim)  $ ____
  Side Shades–Tudor (4 pcs, over side windows, stainless steel)  $ ____
  Side Shades–Fordor (4 pcs)  $ ____
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Spotlight–Left (front fender, recessed bulb, chrome-plated, inside easy-action control handle)  $ ____
  Spotlight–Right  $ ____
  Spot Light w/ Mirror–Left  $25
  Spot Light w/ Mirror–Right  $25
  Body Mount Mirror (door, left or right, chrome plated, no gasket was used by Ford)  $ ____
  Road Lamps (fog, rain, or snow)  $ ____
      (pair, on front bumper outsides of bumperettes, chrome plated, sealed beam bulbs, instrument panel switch)
  Back-Up Lights (pair, above tail ligts, auto switched on/off with reverse gear operation) )  $13
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Grille Guard (chrome plated)   $27  [est]
  Front Bumper Wing Guards (left & right, chrome plated)  $27  [est]
  Rear Deck Guard (chrome plated)  $27  [est]
  Rear Bumper Wing Guards (left & right, chrome plated)  $27  [est]
1956 Ford Steering Wheel
  Sport-Spare Wheel Carrier  $135
      (painted cover, gravel deflectors, & light cover; hubcap opening, adds 10" to length, supports bumper jack use, opens left)
  Rocker Panel Trim (left & right, stainless steel)  $18
  Front Fender Shields (left & right ornaments, stainless steel)  $ ____
  Rear Fender Shields (left & right, lower body color, stainless steel stone guards, rubber seals to body)   $25
  Wheel Trim Rings (4, stainless steel)  $ ____
  Ford Crest Wheel Covers (4, Ford crest centerpiece, stainles steel)  $15  [est]
  Wire Wheel Covers (4, installs over & reveals standard hubcaps, chrome plated)  $43
  White Sidewall Tires (4, +/- 2-3/4-inch wide white sidewalls)  $50
  License Plate Frame (modern hooded design, on top or bottom of plate, adjustable, chrome plated  $ ____
  Undercoat  $30
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1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner Invoice
1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner invioce
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1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan Invoice
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan invoice
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1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria
1956 Ford Fairlane Victoria   Sports Spare Wheel Carrier includes body-colored heavy-gauge sheet metal tire cover w/ hubcap revealed, gravel deflectors, license plate light cover, & black-painted extra-heavy bumper extensions (supports bumper jack use). Opens to the left. Extends over-all length 10 inches, from 198.5 to to 208.5 inches.  Photos RK Motors.
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  Fairlane bodyside sweep bright-metal molding w/ black-painted jet exhaust design . . .