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G-code Meadow Mist Green exterior paint color (replaced by Spring Color W-code Spring Mist Green, Apr 1st, 1956)
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1956 Ford Owners's Manual     Pages 1-9    > Pages 10-19    > Pages 20-29    > Pages 30-40
1956 Ford Owner's Manual
Fourth Printing (Apr 1956)
Copyright 1956
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan
Form 3692-56
Printed in U.S.A.
1956 Ford Owner's Manual Index
As the owner of a new Ford . . Be sure to read . . .
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As the owner of a Ford . . Be sure to read . . . Break-In and Driving Tips (Page 11)   Fuel Economy Suggestions (Page 14)   Ford Dealer's Service Policy and Warranty Information (Page 26)    The Maintenance Guide (Page 27)
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The 1956 Ford Instruments and Controls   Keys   Door Locks  
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Luggage Compartment Deck Lid   Windows   Parking Brake Handle
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Foot Pedals   Front Seat Adjustment   Manually-Adjusted Seat   4-Way Power Seat
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Seat Belts   Rear View Mirror Adjustment   Instrument Panel   Ignition Switch
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Headlight and Instrument Panel Light Switch   Headlight Beam Selector   Speedometer and Mileage Gauge  Windshield Wiper Control
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Illustration of Instrument Panel Showing Names and Location of Instruments and Controls
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Choke Control   Air-Flow Damper Controls
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Fairlane bodyside sweep wide bright-metal molding w/ black painted insets . . .