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1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner exterior left front
1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Raven Black
1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner    Base price new  $2,802.99  w/ std "Thunderbird V-8"  292-cid 200-hp M-code eng. This example has opt Fordomatic Dr (202-hp) +$178.20, Body Mount Mirrors +$10.20, De Luxe Rear Mount Antenna +$13.95, Front Fender Ornaments (+$?), Rocker Panel Trim +$18, Rear Fender Shields +$25, Sports Spare Wheel Carrier +$135, Road Lamps (+$?), Grille & Bumper Wing Guards +$54, Rear Deck & Bumper Wing Guards +$54, & Style-Tone Two-Tone MA-code  Goldenglow Yellow  &  Raven Black  ext paint +$26.90. Also fitted are modern aftermarket 1962-64 Thunderbird-style (Kelsey-Hayes) chrome wire wheels & white sidewall radial tires.  Photos Mecum Auctions.
1956 Ford Car Brochures Facts Stats Archives
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1956 Ford Car & Station Wagon Models & Specs
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•  Mainline Tudor Business Sedan
•  Mainline Tudor Sedan
•  Mainline Fordor Sedan
•  Customline Tudor Sedan
•  Customline Fordor Sedan
•  Customline Victoria
•  Fairlane Club Sedan
•  Fairlane Town Sedan
•  Fairlane Victoria
•  Fairlane Fordor Victoria
•  Fairlane Crown Victoria
•  Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner
•  Fairlane Sunliner
•  Ranch Wagon (2-dr 6-pass)
•  Custom Ranch Wagon (2-dr 6-pass)
•  6-Passenger Country Sedan (4-dr)
•  Parklane (2-dr 6-pass)
•  8-Passenger Country Sedan (4-dr)
•  Country Squire (4-dr 8-pass "Woody")
•  Courier (Sedan Delivery)
1956 Meteor Car & Station Wagon Models & Specs
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•  Meteor Two-Door Sedan
•  Meteor Four-Door Sedan
•  Meteor Ranch Wgn (2-dr 6-pass)
•  Meteor Sedan Delivery
•  Meteor Niagara Two-Door Sedan
•  Meteor Niagara Four-Door Sedan
•  Meteor Niagara Victoria
•  Meteor Niagara Ranch Wgn (2-dr 6-pass)
•  Meteor Rideau Club Sedan
•  Meteor Rideau Town Sedan
•  Meteor Rideau Victoria
•  Meteor Rideau Four-Door Victoria
•  Meteor Rideau Crown Victoria
•  Meteor Rideau Sunliner
•  Meteor Rideau 6-Pass Ctry Sdn (4dr)
•  Meteor Rideau 8-Pass Ctry Sdn (4-dr)
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1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner interior
R-code  Black Vinyl  &  Yellow Vinyl  interior trim.
1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner  Thunderbird V-8 engine
M-code  Thunderbird V-8  292-cid 200-hp (202-hp w/ Fordomatic Dr) Y-block engine.
1956 Ford Fairlane Sunliner exterior right front
Convertible top is operated w/ an instrument-panel push-pull "TOP" knob that activates an electro-hydraulic unit—a motor & oil pump.  Photos  Mecum Auctions.
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1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan   "Lemonade"  Restored  History & Data Plate
Restored   History & Data Plate

12:24 min.   Choose 1080pHDChoose 1080pHD for best picture
Owned 2003-2009 as "Lemonade" by Chuck Gardiner
North Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Currently owned as "Sandie" by Rob Johnson
Courtenay (Vancouver Island), B.C., Canada
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  Fairlane bodyside sweep bright-metal molding w/ black-painted jet exh design . . .
1956 Ford Base Steering Wheel  Raven Black 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Raven Black 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Dark Gray Metallic 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Medium Green Metallic 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Medium Blue Metallic 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Peacock Blue 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Sunset Coral 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Fiesta Red 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Mandarin Orange 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Medium Brown Metallic 1956 Ford Steering Wheel  Dark Brown Metallic