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1956 Ford Owner's Manual
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  G-code Meadowmist Green exterior paint (replaced by Spring Color W-code Springmist Green, Apr 1st, 1956)
1956 Ford Car Brochures Facts Stats Archives
1956 Ford Car & Wagon (All) Brochure
Car & Wagon (All)
1956 Ford Fairlane & Crown Victoria Brochure
Fairlane & Crown Victoria
1956 Ford Fairlane Fordor Victoria Brochure
Fairlane Fordor Victoria
1956 Ford Station Wagon Brochure
Station Wagon
1956 Ford Car & Truck Accessories Brochure

1956 Ford Police & Emergency Models Brochure
Police & Emergency
1956 Ford Taxi Models Brochure
1956 Ford Courier (Sedan Delivery)
Courier (Sedan Delivery)
1956 Ford Car Engines  Clutches  Transmissions  Rear Axle Ratios
Eng  Trans  Clutch  Axle
Ford Motor Company of Canada

1956 Ford Car Data Plate Codes
Data Plate Codes
1956 Ford Car Colors
1956 Ford Car Prices
AAll The Facts About The '56 Ford & Lifeguard Design Booklet
All The Facts & Lifeguard
1956 Ford Car Shop Manual Maintenance & Tuneup Specifications
Shop Man.
1956 Ford Owners's Manual  Pages 20-29    < Pages 1-9    < Pages 10-19    > Pages 30-40
1956 Ford Owner's Manual
Fourth Printing (Apr 1956)
Copyright 1956
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan
Form 3692-56
Printed in U.S.A.
1956 Ford Owner's Manual Index
Master-Gluide Power Steering   Swift Sure Power Brakes   Warm Westher Driving
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SelectAire Conditioner   Cooling   Heating   Heating   Defrosting   Ventilating
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MagicAire System   Recirculating Air Heater   In Extremely Cold Weather
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The Crown Victoria Skyliner   The Sunliner Top
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Raising The Top   Rear Window   Top Storage Compartment   The Station Wagons   Ranch Wagons and Parklane
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Country Squire and Country Sedans   All Stations Wagons
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Your Ford Dealer's Service Policy   Mechanical Maintenance
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Inspection and Lubrication   Maintenance Guide
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1956 Ford Lubrication Diagram Showing 27 Items To Lubricate
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1956 Ford Lubrication List of 27 Items To Lubrication
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  Fairlane bodyside sweep bright-metal molding w/ black-painted jet exhaust design . . .