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J-code Buckskin Tan exterior paint color
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1956 Ford Lifeguard Design Brochure
© 1955, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan, Form FD 7600 Rev., Litho in U.S.A., 10-55 FORD Lifeguard Design Brochure Cover  
The cover is stamped "W. V. Neal & Son, Osgood, Indiana" - a Neal family car dealership from 1922 to 1972. Currently, a grandson is proprietor of the Neal Motor Company (Since 1980), a truck sales dealership in Osgood.
Why Ford is dedicated to Safety
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crash injury research
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"Safety First"
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illustration of Fairlane Town Sedan
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Ford's Lifeguard Steering Wheel
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Ford's Lifeguard Steering Wheel
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accident studies
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Ford Seat Belts
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Crash Injury Research
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Ford pioneers Lifeguard Double-Grip Door Latch
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"cover instrument panels with padding"
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LIFEGUARD Cushioning for Instrument Panel
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"sun visors should be padded"
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LIFEGUARD Cushioned Sun Visors
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illustration of Country Sedan
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Lifeguard Design - Standard & Optional
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more In Protection
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more In power . . . more In Styling and Confort
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A word to the driver . . .
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Fairlane bodyside sweep wide bright-metal molding w/ black painted insets . . .