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1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan "Lemonade"
Restoration Information
  Style-Tone Two-Tone M-code Goldenglow Yellow exterior paint
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1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan Thunderbird V-8 Fordomatic Dr
Restoration Information

In 1998 in Ohio, major body-off-frame restoration work was done to the body and interior - the work is obvious but not documented. In 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008 in British Columbia, the body and interior were again improved, and extensive chassis and drivetrain mechanical work was done - documented.
On "Lemonade" the original Holley 4000 4-barrel "teapot" carburetor was replaced with a more-dependable, (1958-up) new Holley 4160 390-CFM 4-barrel carb with vacuum secondary and electric choke, that sits on a refurbished (1957-up) 1957 Ford "B" intake manifold. The Holley loadomatic vacuum-advance distributor was replaced with a more-responsive, reconditioned (1957-up) 1959 Ford distributor with vacuum and centrifugal advance, and Pertronix electronic ignition. Instant throttle response and snappy acceleration are now provided by this torque-rich engine and the optional (lower) 3.89:1 rear gears.
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan
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Correct M-code 292-CID "Thunderbird V-8" Y-block (not original to car)
+ "Thunderbird Red" Engine Enamel Paint B5S-6000 (Ditzler Code 70530)
Cylinders Bored-out .030 of an inch, to 296 Cubic-inches
Balanced Crankshaft
New Temperature Gauge Sending Unit
Rebuilt Water Pump
New Repro Oil Pressure Light Sending Unit & White-coloured Wire
Rebuilt Oil Pump
New "spin-on" Oil Filter (replaces original canister/cartridge type)
Rebuilt Generator w/ New Repro "FoMoCo" Script Decal
New Motor Mounts
New Fan Belt (existing 5-blade cooling fan)
Rebuilt Starter w/ New Starter Drive
w/ New Repro "FoMoCo" Script Decal
w/ NOS Radio Static Condensor
New Repro Generator Radio Static Condensor
New Repro Generator-to-Voltage Regulator Wiring Harness
Powder Coated Red-coloured Oil Pan w/ New Repro Drain Plug
Powder Coated Silver-coloured "Stock-look" Oil-bath Air Cleaner
converted for a K&N High-flow Air Filter #E-2870
w/ New Repro "Service Instructions" Decal
Rebuilt Heads w/ new higher-grade parts - Seal Power Valves, Exhaust Valve Seats (added),
Comp Cam Valve Springs, Bronze Guides, Performance Seals, Valve Keepers
Ceramic Coated Cast Grey-coloured Exhaust Manifolds (originals were not coated)
Powder Coated Black-coloured Rocker Arm Covers
w/ New Repro "Thunderbird V8" Script Decals
Reconditioned (1957-up) 1957 Ford Intake Manifold
w/ Barbeque Flat-black Primer Paint
New (1958-up) Holley 4160 4-barrel Carburetor
w/ new Holley Electric Choke & New Repro Dashpot
Rebuilt (1957-up) 1959 Ford Distributor w/ Vacuum & Centrifugal Advance
w/ Pertronix "Ignitor" Electronic Ignition (non-stock)
w/ New Cap & Rotor
New Pertronix "Flame-Thrower" High Performance Coil (non-stock)
w/ New Repro "FoMoCo" Script Decal
New Exhaust Spacer (non-stock, replaces Heat Riser Valve)
& New "Restricted Port" Intake Manifold Gaskets (non-stock,
to help prevent burnt paint on intake manifold)
New Champion Copper Plus Spark Plugs
New Repro Weatherproof Steel-core Spark Plug Wires w/ "FoMoCo" Script
New Repro Spark Plug Wire Bracket Kit
New Repro Brown-coloured Coil Wire
New Repro Thermostat Housing & Water Bypass
New Gates Professional 160-Degree Thermostat
New Repro Fuel Pump w/ Vacuum, Glass Bowl & Filter
New Vacuum & Fuel Steel Tubes (custom made to simulate originals)
New Repro Paper-type "Foundry Tag"
(attached to generator bracket upper bolt closest to engine, as original)
Castrol GTX 20W-50 Oil (containing anti-ware additives)
Timing Set at 10 Degrees BTDC
M Code 292 Y-block Thunderbird Engine w/ Modern Holley 4160 Carb)
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Refurbished & Upgraded "Performance" Radiator
by Burnaby Radiator Service, Burnaby, B.C.
w/ New Repro Rad Cap (2008)
w/ New Repro "Service" Tag
w/ New Repro Upper Rad Hose w/ "FoMoCo" Script
w/ New Repro Lower Rad Hose w/ "FoMoCo" Script
w/ New Repro Rad Hose Clamps
New Repro "Seashell" High-pitch & Low-pitch Horns
w/ New Horn Relay
New "tar-top look" 55 Ampere-Hour Heavy Duty 29N Battery
w/ "Ford Power Punch" Script
w/ New Repro Battery Tray & Hold Down Kit
w/ New Repro Battery Cables
New Repro Starter Cable w/ Inner Fender Panel Grommet
New Repro Windshield Washer Foot-Pump Kit & Hoses
New Repro Windshield Washer Reservoir
w/ "See Clear FORD MOTOR COMPANY A56" Script
New Repro Hood-mounted Chrome Windshield Washer Nozzle
New Repro Front Stone Deflector-to-Rad Rubber Seal w/ Staples
New Motorcraft Voltage Regulator (blue-coloured replacement-type)
New Voltage Regulator Radio Static Condenser
New Repro Wiring Junction Box (on left front inner fender)
New Stoplight Switch w/ New Repro Green-coloured Wires
NOS Neutral Safety Switch w/ New Repro White-coloured Wire
Rebuilt "MagicAire" Fresh Air Heater/Defroster System
w/ New Repro Round Flexible Heater Blower Inlet Hose
w/ New Repro Air Duck to Heater Blower Housing Strap w/ "Original Finish"
w/ Powder Coated Blower Motor Housing
w/ New Murray "Climate Control" 2-speed Blower Motor (stock-look replacement-type)
w/ New Repro "12 VOLT" Script Decal
w/ New Repro Square Flexible Heater Inlet Duct Hose
w/ New Repro Square Blower Housing & Heater Duct Clamps w/ "Original Finish"
w/ Powder Coated Heater Inlet Duct
w/ New Repro Cardboard Air Deflector (stapled inside heater inlet duct)
w/ New Repro "Instructions for Removing Blower & Duct Ass'y." Script Decal
Painted Green-colour Wiring Clips (originals were not painted)
w/ NOS Heater Core
w/ NOS The Dole Valve Co. Heater Shut-off Valve Assembly (on intake manifold)
w/ NOS The Dole Valve Co. Heater Control DS-1 (inside on heater case)
w/ New Hoses
w/ New Repro Spring-type Hose Clamps & New Repro Aluminum Band Hose Ties
New Repro Brown-case Starter Solenoid w/ New Wire Ends
Powder Coated Black-coloured Splash Shields
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Correct Fordomatic "Speed Trigger" 3-Speed Automatic
New Repro Cooling Lines to Radiator
NOS "23-tooth" Speedometer Cable Gear to re-calibrate speedometer for optional 3:89:1 rear gears
(replaces original "19-tooth" gear for 3:22:1 rear gears)
Powder Coated "Cast-colour" Oil Pan
w/ Case Painted "Cast Grey"
w/ Correct Linkage Adjustment for (Typical) Part-throttle Start-outs in 2nd-gear
w/ Correct Linkage Adjustment for "Speed Trigger" Full-throttle Start-outs in 1st-gear
w/ Correct Linkage Adjustment for Highway-speed/Hill Part- & Full-throttle Downshifts to Passing-gear (2nd-gear)
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Undercarriage
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Rebuilt Differential Assembly (not original to car)
w/ 3.89 to 1 Ratio Ring & Pinion Gears (original option - replaces 3.22 to 1 ratio gears)
w/ 4 New Timken Main Bearings, New Pinion Seal, New Magnet (added)
w/ "perfect tooth contact"
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan
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Correct "Style-Tone" 2-Tone Paint Colours
M-code "Goldenglow Yellow" Acrylic Enamel w/ Clearcoat
E-code "Colonial White" Acrylic Enamel w/ Clearcoat
2004 / 2005 / 2006
Refurbished Previous (1998) Body & Paint Restoration Work
New Clear-glass (no tint) Windshield (no "FoMoCo" Script)
Re-polished Windshield Stainless Steel Trim
New Repro Clear-glass Door Windows w/ "FoMoCo" Scripts
New Repro Door Window Glass Anti-rattlers (Whiskers) w/ Stainless Steel Beads
Some New Repro Door Glass Runs (Whiskers) w/ Stainless Steel Beads
New Clear-glass Vent Windows (no "FoMoCo" Script)
New Repro Vent Window Rubber Weatherstrips
New Repro Vent Window Handles and Buttons
New Rear Quarter Clear-glass Windows (no "FoMoCo" Script)
New Repro Quarter Window Glass Anti-rattlers (Whiskers) w/ Stainless Steel Beads
Polished NOS Rear Window Stainless Steel Trim
(top piece w/ Black-painted Accents)
Re-polished Rear Window Stainless Steel Trim (side & lower pieces)
New Repro Door Check Arms & Pins
New Repro Door Rubber Weatherstrips
New Repro Headlight Bezel Stainless Steel Moldings
Re-polished Front Fender Stainless Steel Moldings
Polished NOS Stainless Steel Door Moldings
Polished New Repro Stainless Steel Quarter Moldings w/ Black-painted Accents
Some New Repro Molding Clips
New Repro Wiper-to-Body Chrome Grommets, Chrome Nuts & Leather Gaskets
New Wiper Arms & Blades
NOS Door Latches
New Repro Lock Buttons
New Repro Outside Door Handles, Buttons & Rubber Mounting Pads
New Repro Door "Club Sedan" Scripts
Re-chromed Grill & Center Bar
Re-chromed Front Parking Lamps & Extensions
NOS Parking Lamp Lenses w/ "FoMoCo FPT-56" Script & NOS Rubber Gaskets
New Repro Parking Lamp Wiring w/ Pigtails & Bulbs
Re-chromed Bumpers & Guards
Plasti-Kote "Rust Not" Aluminum-coloured Enamel Paint on Back of Grill,
Parking Lamps, Bumpers & Guards (added)
New Stainless Steel Bumper Bolts, Nuts & Washers (non-stock)
New Repro Wagner Seal Beam Headlamps w/ "MADE FOR FoMoCo" Script
New Repro Headlight Crossover Wiring Harness
New Repro Front Inner Fender Splash Apron-to-Frame 6-piece Weatherstrip Kit w/ Staples
New Repro Rear Bumper-to-Body Stone Deflector Rubber Seal w/ Staples
New Repro Hood "Ford" Script Crest Emblem
New Repro 8-piece Hood Rubber Bumper Kit
New Repro Front Fender "Thunderbird V8" Script Ornaments
New Repro Trunk Lid Chrome "V" Emblem
New Repro Trunk Lid "Fairlane" Script Emblem
New Repro Trunk Lid "Ford" Script Crest Emblem
New Repro Chrome Tail Lamp Housings
w/ Rubber Mounting Pads, Wiring w/ Pigtails & Bulbs
New Repro Tail Lamp Lenses w/ "FRST 56 FoMoCo" Script & Gaskets
New Repro Chrome Back-up Lamp Housings w/ Red Reflectors
w/ Rubber Mounting Pads, Wiring w/ Pigtails & Bulbs
New Repro Back-up Lamp Lenses w/ "FB-56 FoMoCo" Script & Cork Gaskets
New Repro Body Side Stainless Steel Stone Guards
New Repro Fuel Tank, Body Pads, Straps, Bolts & Grommets
w/ New Radio Static Condenser
NOS Fuel Tank Cap
New Repro Fuel Tank Door-to-Body Spring & Rubber Bumpers
New Repro 6-inch Amber Fog Lights w/ "Ford" Script Ornaments (non-stock, period correct)
w/ New Hidden Under-dash On/Off Toggle Switch (non-stock)
New Repro Fuel Gauge Sending Unit
2 New Repro Body Mount Mirrors w/ "FoMoCo" Script
w/ New Rubber Mounting Pads (added - original mirrors did not have rubber mounting pads)
Re-chromed Original-option Rear License Plate Frame
New Repro Rear Fender Shields (Skirts)
w/ New Repro Stainless Steel Stone Guards, Rubber Gaskets & Mounting Hardware
New Repro Stainless Steel Rocker Panel Trim (applied w/ Trim Tape - no clips or body holes)
New Repro Stainless Steel Front Fender Ornaments (applied w/ Trim Tape - no holes or clips)
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Backseat
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Correct L-code Dark Gray Cloth & Medium Gray Cloth
2004 / 2005 / 2006
Refurbished Previous (1998) ABC Auto Upholstery Kit
New Repro ABC Auto Upholstery Vinyl & Cloth Sun Visors
on Re-sprung & Re-painted Sun Visor Brackets
New Repro Windlace
New Repro Gray-coloured Kick Panels (originals were charcoal-coloured)
New Repro 80% Rayon/20% Nylon "Gunmetal Gray" Carpets (originals were charcoal coloured)
New Repro Coat Hooks
New Repro Dome Light Lens
New Repro Dome Light Switch
New Repro Rear View Mirror
Refurbished Black-coloured Steering Wheel (original was gray metallic-coloured)
w/ Re-chromed Horn Ring
w/ New Repro Horn Ring Center Plastic Medallion
w/ New Repro Horn Ring Medallion Background Plate
w/ New Repro Horn Ring Attaching Hardware
New Repro Glove Box
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door Arm Rubber Grommet
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door Inside Hole Metal Plugs
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door Rubber Bumpers
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door "Ford" Script Emblem
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door "Y-8" Emblem
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door "Engine Oil/Tire Pressure" Decal
w/ New Repro Glove Box Door "Automatic Transmission Fluid" Decal
New Repro 4-OHM In-dash Radio Speaker
New Repro Front Fender Antenna
Re-chromed Original Radio Dashboard Face Plate
NOS Temperature Gauge
NOS Fuel Gauge
NOS Speedometer
Original "sweep-second hand" Electric Clock
w/ New Quartz-movement by The Clock Works (non-stock)
w/ New Repro Mounting Gasket & Blue-coloured Wire w/ Fuse Holder
w/ New Hidden Under-dash On/Off Toggle Switch (non-stock)
New New Port Engineering "Clean Wipe" 2-speed Electric Wiper Motor (non-stock)
operated by Original Dashboard Wiper Knob
New Repro Headlight Switch
NOS Heater/Defroster complete Control Assembly
w/ NOS 3-position Blower Switch
w/ Chrome Dashboard Face Plate & Blue-coloured Light Wire
w/ New Repro Blower Switch-to-Blower Motor Orange- & Red-coloured Wires
w/ New Repro Blower Switch-to-Ignition Switch Brown-coloured Wire w/ Fuse Holder
w/ 2 New Repro Heater/Defroster Control Cables
New Repro Door Opening Handles & Hardware
New Repro Window Crank Handles & Hardware
New Repro Embossed Anodized-finish Aluminum Scuff Plates
Original Rebuilt "Console-range" Motorola Tube-type AM Radio
NOS "Ash-Guard Automatic Pop-out" Cigar Lighter & Knob
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Dashboard
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Dashboard
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New Repro Side Panels
New Repro Spare Wheel Bolt & Nut w/ Rubber Coated Ends
New Repro "Large Tan & White Plaid" Trunk Mat w/ Fleece Backing
New Repro Bumper Jack w/ Powder Coated Base
New Repro Trunk "Jack Stowage" Decal
New Powder Coated Wheel Lug Wrench
New Repro Quarter Panel Drain Plugs
2004 / 2005 / 2006
New Eaton Detroit Spring, Inc. Front Coil Springs
(cut to achieve car's stock height)
New Repro Coil Spring Upper Rubber Insulators
New Heavy Duty 1-inch Diameter Front Anti-sway Bar & Bushings (non-stock -
painted black like original 11/16-inch diameter "stabilizer bar")
New Control Arm Bushings
New 5-leaf Rear Springs w/ Anti-squeak
1/2-inch Lowering Blocks (non-stock, installed to achieve car's stock height)
New Repro Rear Leaf Spring Overhaul Kit
w/ Shackles, Bushings, Retainers, Insulators, U-bolts, Center Bolts & Clamps
New Repro Rear Axle Rubber Bumpers
New Gabriel 82026 "Classic" Black-coloured Gas Front Shock Absorbers
New Gabriel G63398 "Ultra" Truck Rear Shock Absorbers w/ "G-Force Technology"
(non-stock, but painted black like original tubular hydraulic shock absorbers)
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Undercarriage
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Rebuilt Brake System
w/ New Master Cylinder w/ "Natural Cast Finish"
w/ New Wheel Cylinders
w/ New Shoe Hold Downs, Springs & Clips
w/ 5 New Stainless Steel Tubes (originals were not stainless steel)
w/ 3 New Repro Flexible Houses
w/ 3 New Repro Connector Blocks
w/ NOS Rear Emergency Brake Cable
w/ New NAPA United AE263R Front Shoes & AE55R Rear Shoes w/ Rivets
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Undercarriage
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2004 / 2005 / 2006
New Drive Shaft Universal Joints w/ Grease Nipples
New Front End Kit
w/ Ball Joints, Tie Rod Ends, Idler Arm, Control Valve Ball Stud
w/ Suspension Bushings, Upper & Lower Control Arm Rubber Bumpers
New Front Wheel Bearings & Seals
New BCA Bearings Rear Wheel Bearings & Seals
New Stainless Steel Fuel Line (original was not stainless)
New Repro Flexible Fuel Line (from steel fuel line to fuel pump)
New "stock-look" Walker Quiet-Flow Aluminized Premium Mufflers
New Aluminized correct-diameter 2-inch Exhaust Pipes & 1-3/4-inch Tailpipes
New Repro "through the bumper" Chrome-outlet Aluminized Exhaust Deflectors
New Repro Exhaust System Hangers & Clamps
New Wheel Lug Nuts
Refurbished Frame Front Cross Member
Wheel Alignment w/ Increased +3 Degrees Castor (to enhance straight-down-the-road steering)
1956 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan, Undercarriage
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New Firestone 6.70 x 15-inch Bias 4-Ply Tubeless Spare Tire
w/ Correct-width 2-11/16-inch Wide White Side-wall
on Painted Original 15 x 5 x 3-1/2-inch Backspace Steel Wheel
4 New Dayton (Bridgestone/Firestone) Quadra SE P205 / 75 R15 M/S Radial Tires (non-stock)
w/ Correct-width 2-1/2-inch Wide White Side-walls
from Diamond Back Classic Radials
on Original Painted 15 x 5 x 3-1/2-inch Backspace Steel Rims
w/ "Road Force Variation Custom Balanced"
New Repro 10-1/4-inch Ford Script "Dog Dish" Hub Caps (on above steel rims)
4 New Dean Tires Alpha 365 A/S P205 / 75 R15 M/S Radial Tires (non-stock)
w/ Correct-width 2-1/2-inch Wide White Side-walls
from Diamond Back Classic Radials
on New Repro "Thunderbird Wire Wheels" (1962-64 Thunderbird-style Kelsey-Hayes) (non-stock)
15 x 5 x 3-1/4-inch Backspace w/ 56 Stainless Steel Spokes & Nipples
w/ Steel Spinner Caps & Gold/Red "Ford Crest" Emblems
w/ Tubes
w/ "Road Force Variation Custom Balanced"
w/ Coated Clip-on Weights (inside)
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  Fairlane bodyside sweep bright-metal molding w/ black-painted jet exhaust design . . .