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1955 Spring Color Z-code Coral Mist exterior paint color (replaced 1955 M-code Regency Purple)
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1956 Ford Data Plate Data Plate Codes
Example Data Plate VIN   * M 6 F T 332131 *   70C ME L 13 G 493

T   BODY STYLE - Fairlane Tudor/Fordor (2 dr Club Sedan & 4 dr Town Sedan)
332131   CONSECUTIVE UNIT NO. (sequence of assembly no. starting at 100001) - the 232,131st of all 1956 Ford vehicle models assembled at Dearborn

70C   BODY (TYPE) - Fairlane Club Sedan (2 dr)
ME   COLOR (EXTERIOR PAINT) - M-code Goldenglow Yellow/E-code Colonial White Paint
L   TRIM (INTERIOR COLOR SCHEME) - Dark Gray & Medium Gray (random dot Silver Lurex glittering metallic thread) Nylon Cloth Upholstery, Dark Gray Metallic & Platinum Gray (mid instrument panel) Paint
13   DAY OF THE MONTH (vehicle completed) - 13th (a Friday)
G   MONTH (vehicle assembled) - July
493 - SCHEDULED ITEM NO. (assigned to the Body by the plant: Dearborn) - the 493rd of all vehicle models scheduled for assembly on Friday, July 13, 1956

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Ford U.S. produced 1,408,478 vehicles in 1956 - Wikipedia
Mainline Tudor Business Sedan
Mainline Tudor Sedan
Mainline Fordor Sedan
Customline Tudor Sedan
Customline Fordor Sedan
Customline Victoria  (2 dr, "open air" hardtop)
Fairlane Club Sedan  (2 dr)
Fairlane Town Sedan  (4 dr)
Fairlane Victoria  (2 dr, "open air" hardtop)
Fairlane Fordor Victoria  ("open air" hardtop)
Fairlane Crown Victiria  (2 dr)
Fairlane Crown Victoria Skyliner  (2 dr, blue-green tinted transparent "sky-view" roof w/ removable snap-in "aluminized nylon" shade)
Fairlane Sunliner  (2 dr, convertible roof)
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Fairlane bodyside sweep wide bright-metal molding w/ black painted insets . . .