F-code "Pine Ridge Green" metallic paint color
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1956 Ford Car Accessories Brochure  
1956 Ford Car Accessories Brochure

Selected pages from a "56 Ford Accessories Passenger Car and Truck" booklet: © 1955, Ford Division, Ford Motor Company, Litho in U.S.A.

1956 Ford Passenger Car Accessories Cover  
Lifeguard Seat Belt,
Lifeguard Instrument Panel Padding,
Sunvisors With Lifeguard Padding  
Swift Sure Power Brakes,
Turn Indicator,
Auto-Wipe Windshield Washer,
Winter-Rite Wiper Blade  
Back-Up Lights,
Inside Non-Glare Mirror,
Body Mount Mirror,
Door Top Mirror,
Tire Chains  
Selectaire Conditioner,
Magicaire System,
Recirculating Heater and Defroster  
Signal-Seek Radio,
Console-Range Radio,
Rear Seat Radio Speaker  
De Luxe-Rear Mount Antenna,
Front Fender Antenna,
Outside Visor,
Side Shades,
Dual Exhaust System  
Sports Spare Wheel Carrier,
Ford Crest Wheel Covers,
Wire Wheel Covers,
Wheel Trim Rings  
Rear Fender Shields,
Front Fender Ornament,
Rocker Panel Trim,
Exhaust Defectors,
Licence Plate Frame  
Spotlight With Mirror,
Electric Clock
Auto-Home Electric Shaver,
Automatic Lighter  
Engine Compartment Light,
Luggage Compartment Light,
Map Light,
Parcel Locker Light,
Portable Spot and Utility Light,
Tissue Dispenser,
Hand Brake Signal  
Grille Guard,
Front Bumper Wing Guards,
Rear Deck Guards,
Rear Bumper Wing Guards  
Door Edge Guards,
Locking Gas Tank Cap,
Floor Mats,
Genuine Ford Slip Covers  
Fashion Line Seat Coverings,
Premier Seat Coverings,
Other Seat Coverings Available  
Fomoco Undercoating,
Fomoco Anti-Freeze,
Windshield Washer Solvent,
Liquid Cleaner,
Foam Cleaner,
Car Wash Solution,
Custom Auto Wax,
Body Polish,
Cleaner and Polish,
Cleaner Wax Polish  
Spot Remover,
Whitewall Tire Cleaner,
Caulking Cord,
Rubber Cement,
Wax-Treated Dusting Cloth,
Chrome Protector,
Chrome Cleaner,
Cooling System Cleaner,
Rust Inhibitor,
Dry Fuel, Lock Lubricant,
Stop Leak,
Top Dye,
Fire Extinguisher Fluid  
Miracle Power,
Haze Cream,
1956 Ford Fairlane body side skew molding - bright metal w/ black painted insets . . .